Koada'dal Magi's Craft  

The quest starts from a high elf named Fethinal the Enchanted that lives in a hollowed out tree in Greater Faydark. If you go to location -812, 68, 561 , and face NE, you will be looking right at the door (more just a hole in the tree, easy to miss) He's on the bottom of the tree, not the top (you can get to the top of this particular tree). Fethinal instructs you to go into Felwithe (now New Tunaria), and obtain a shield for him so that he can further enhance it. The backstory is, Fethinal is very old (he was around during the original Felwithe, so he's at least half a century old High Elf); he and his brother were skilled armor smiths, with the ability to imbue with magical powers and such. The two managed to create an incredibly powerful shield, but the brother took it and has not been seen since. Fethinal hasn't been able to reproduce the shield, but thinks he might if you obtain the one in Felwithe.

Although he instructs you to "ask the holy paladins that live in Felwithe for the shield", which may lead you to start killing any Tunarian with armor on (since there don't appear to be any "Holy Paladins"), the shield is in fact obtained by interacting with an object hanging on a wall, a small round shield (that doesn't really look much like a shield). If you go to location -321, 53, -860 and face West, you will be standing right in front of it and facing it.

Right click to "Take the Shield', and the quest will update. Return it to Fethinal for quest update.

Once he has the shield, he sends you out again, this time to find the four elements; fire, water, air, earth.

The elements are little elementals lvl 60^ that are non-aggro they are found at:

  • Element of Fire: Located in Goblet of Fire in Lavastorm ( -701.82, -12.33, -245.81 )
  • Element of Water: Located off the North West shore in The Enchanted Lands ( 435,-5.70, -1085 )
  • Element of Air: Located on the cliff near the entrance to Valdoon in Loping Plains ( 188.75, 72.75, 301.09 )
  • Element of Earth: Located in Kaladim ( 15, 26, -183 )

After you gather the items needed and return to Fethinal, he sends you off to find Kryfru in Antonica at ( -2036, 7.00, 222 ) ...well find his tombstone anyways. Click the tombstone to spawn "an enchanted ghost". Talk to Kryfru and he tells you to find his journal. Click on the pile of dirt to search for the journal.

Return to Fethinal. Now Fethinal wants four spirits and they are...

  • Spirit of Magic: Located in Lesser Faydark - Fugtyr Tribe ( 126, 0, -372 )
  • Spirit of the Divine: Located in New Tunaria - SE corner ( -317, 32, -75 )
  • Spirit of Death: Located in Loping Plains - Somborn Graveyard ( -382, 16, 55 )
  • Spirit of Life: Located in Greater Faydark ( -552, 0, 154 ) ) lvl 61 ^ wisp standing behind the waterfall.

Return to Fethinal for your reward.

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