The Efreeti Bastion  

This is the access quest for the Bastion of Flames.

This quest is initiated by clicking on a book in Solusek's Eye ( -118 -506 199 ). To get to it you need to head to the giant area of the dungeon. Go down to the catwalk area (red glass bridge over lava with giants) and take the first left at the catwalks. Go to a fort and open the door. You'll see a drop down. Select the elevator control to bring the lift down. Hop on the elevator and go up a level. You'll then have to kill a few giants to reach the book.

The first order of business is to kill Efreeti until you obtain two auto-update pieces from them. These drop from the deepest efreeti in the zone, near the Efreeti Bastion or the ones near 165,-369,-218 .

You'll then have to collect 12 shards (uncommon auto-updates) from each of the different giant types. These are:

  • Defender
  • Diviner
  • Pyreduke
  • Guardian
  • Magus
  • Flamelord
  • Protector
  • Warlock
  • Firelord

After this you must forge the bottle. You do this by clicking the forge just outside of the Forge Of Ages at -70, -625, -37 .

The next step is to kill The Castigator. He is found in a small cave off of the tunnel that is off of the path just before you cross the last bridge heading to the round elevator that leads to the glass bridge.

The final step is to kill 4 Efreeti Soulslavers to fill the bottle. Once you do this you have gained access to the Bastion of Flames.

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