A Meeting With Grumglub  

Grants AA
CategoryTenebrous Tangle
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a jumper
Min Coin: 9g, 27s, 1c
Max Coin: 9g, 62s, 33c
Choice Of:
Jagged Mace from the Tangle
Twilight Magician's Stiletto
Lamentation of the Wild
Glyphed Crusader's Blade
Katar of the Nocuous
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This is the first quest that most players will do when they reach Tenebrous Tangle. It is given by Jabber Longwind at the entrance of Tenebrous Tangle.

He will ask you to help Grumglub. Grumglub can be found behind the pillar at 55, 22, 213 . He will ask you to find his 'jumpers'.

What he is looking for are frogs that wander throughout the area. You should right click them to collect. Collect 4 and return to him.

Completing this quest will allow you to pick up the Tasty Baskets that spawn throughout the entrance area of Tenebrous Tangle. Each of these baskets when examined will open a different quest.

Tenebrous Tangle
Quest Series
A Basket Full of Yellow Jackets
A Basket Full of Tasty Lettuce
A Basket Full of Tangleflies
A Basket Full of Serpents
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LOOKING FOR THE FROGS??....(dah)..about halfway up the river on the eastern side you'll see the first frog (-29.91, 26.65, 11.90) keep walking up there (take care....things kill you should be safe in the water) when you get to the end of that river there is a big tree to the east of the river look around there and there will be the rest of the frogs (-45.57, 49.74, -153.25)good luck

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