Court of the Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part III  

Grants AA
Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 15g, 15s, 54c
Max Coin: 15g, 36s, 89c
Note to Jafi
Choice Of:
Cinch of the Blades
Girdle of the Blades
Belt of the Blades
Faction Changes:

This quest is given by Dukarem, Caliph of the Blades in the Court of the Blades after you complete the "Court of Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part II" quest.

Take the purse out of the chest (next to Dukarem). A two minute timer starts, you have to bring the purse to the Court of Tears ( -182, 138, 171 ) .

After the update you have to go inside the court of tears, here you find Jafi Nisr. He will attack you (level 54 solo mob with 3 level 54 assasins).

Read the note you received after killing Jafi Nisr.

Dukaris is in danger, you'll have to find him. Go to the Court of Blades. His door is locked, talk to the princess instead. She tells you to go find him in the Clefts.

Go to the Clefts of Rujark, talk to the blade guard/warrior on the third floor ( 112, 53, -75 ) .

Go to Lockjaw's lair to look for Dukaris. Near the entrance is a triggered spawn of heroic assassins (level 55) and Jaf Nsri, kill them for your update. Zone out and talk to the blades warrior that is standing there ( -1168, -215, -668 ) .

Run to the docks to warn Dukaris. Dukaris is not there. Ask Honest Ali if he knows where he is.

Go to the Court of Blades (outside), he is not here either. Talk to Captain Aziz ( -46, 149, 139 ) .

The quest is finished, you have now access to the special Blades instance. You can repeat this instance as many times as you like for loot and fun.

If you manage to complete this quest and the corresponding quests for the Court of Coin and Court of Truth you will open up the Of Fate or Destiny quest.

Court of the Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part II Maj'Dul
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The Courts of Maj'Dul: Of Fate and Destiny
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