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fern spores
fern spores
fern spores
fern spores
Min Coin: 53s, 57c
Max Coin: 59s, 97c

This quest is given by Vashazdar in the Feerrott after you complete the Pick and Choose quest.

This time Vashazdar wants you to find fern spores for his research. You will find these on the banks of the river... but which river, you ask? It's pretty progressive. If you take the north-east branch of the Anaconda river, you'll run into the Green Tipped Fern (small plant along the river bank. Will glow when you mouse over it, it cannot be /tabbed to target.) fairly quickly. You just need to get near them and harvest them for the credit. Known locations are:

  • Marsh Fern: -373, -8, 668 , -427, -12, 831 or -303, -8.26, 767 or -272, 0, -10.5 or 782, -449, 557 , or -381.43, -6.12, 518.56
  • Green Tipped Fern: -295, 1, 313 or -373, 0, 668 or -218, 3, 240 or -332,-1,259
  • Thistled Fern: -573, -5, 255 or -677, -6, 360 or -650, 0, 492 or -693,-6,291
  • Spiny Fern: -1052, 6, 372 or -1153, -6, 388 or -1144,-8,534

You'll find the Thistled and Spiny Ferns just by going down the river towards the east.

Once you do that, you may not have found the Marsh Fern. I had to double back and go down the South branch of the river from Mardunk's Fall to find it.

Return to Vash for more of his praise (or what passes for his praise) and the next quest in this series: Sense of Style.

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