An Investment for the Future  

Grants AA
CategoryLesser Faydark
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 4g, 80s, 10c
Max Coin: 4g, 95s, 30c
Urtt's head
Choice Of:
Growth Touched Cartaker's Armlet
Growth Touched Wayfarer's Armlet
Growth Touched Evoker's Armlet
Growth Touched Defender's Armlet
Faction Changes:

Grund wants to whack his soon-to-be-replacement, Urtt. Take the station mounts toward the Butcherblock zone and watch for an ogre walking the path. If someone else kills him, he respawns at the BB zone line area.

When you kill Urtt, you receive his head. Take his head back to Grund for your reward, a 2h crushing weapon, Grund's Great Gavel, and some coin.

Lesser Faydark
Quest Series
Nybright Camp

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