Dragoon Armbrace  

CategoryNektulos Forest
Started Byrusted armbrace
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This quest is initiated by examining a Rusted Armbrace. This item drops on Mist Grinnin in Nektulos.

First off you need to find some Rust-Remover. This is a rare auto-updating drop from undead in Nektulos (any will do). Once you obtain it you should examine the Armbrace again.

You must then gather 20 pieces of wood by foresting (90+ skill required) Putrescent Duskwood Arbors in Nektulos. After this you should examine the Armbrace again.

The final step is to gather an etching tool. This is a rare drop from Ashland Wisps in Nektulos. Once you have obtained this, examine the Armbrace again for your reward.

Nektulos Forest
Quest Series

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