Explosive Powder  

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Explosive Gnomish Cannon Powder
Faction Changes:

Mission Info
Group Forgemasters of Thurgadin Daily
Level 80
Expires in 2 days
FSTC Token
Shadow Odyssey Faction Missions
Forgemasters of Thurgadin Daily


Mikk Eishammer needs more explosive powder for the gnomish cannons.

  1. If you have not already, pick up Thurgadin Supply Manifesto from Mikk's desk and scribe it.
  2. Pick up your supplies (except for fuel) from the jar of "Gnomish Powder Supplies" on Mikk's desk.
  3. Craft five Explosive Gnomish Cannon Powder at a Chemistry Table.
  4. Return to Mikk.

Shopping List

  • 5 Nitrate
  • 5 Sulfur
  • 5 Charcoal
  • 5 ethereal candle

Destiny of Velious Tradeskill
Quest Series
Forgemasters Daily Faction

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