Far Seas Supply Division - A Recipe for Disaster  

Mission Info
Group Tradeskill Solo
Level 50 to 80
Expires in 7 days
1 FSTC Token
Shadow Odyssey Tradeskill Missions
Tradeskill Solo

The Far Seas Trading Company Supply Division is in urgeant need of a number of essential crafted items, and apparently I'm the only artisan available at the moment. Click on the Desk next to the Supply Cupboard at -94.21, 3.49, 104.75 to receive this quest.

This quest will scale to your Tradeskill level, up to level 80. All crafting stations will be used but only Geomancy skills are required.

Correction: This quest does in fact use Tradeskill specific skills. There is one item for each Tradeskill. It uses the same reaction arts as the Tradeskill Group Missions.

  1. Acquire the recipes from the Far Seas Supply Manual vol 2.0, on the desk you got the quest from, then scribe the Far Seas Essential Supply Manual vol 2.0 in your inventory to learn the recipes.
  2. Craft the following items
  3. Turn in the requested products by clicking on a Supply Cupboard

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