A Champion of the Koada'Dal  

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a void crystal fragment

This quest is the fourth quest in the Goddess, Orb, and Void Quest Series quest line. It opens once you complete "Acquiring the Second Fragment".

Talk to Rooleean Felodaan next to the spires in Greater Faydark. He sends you to New Tunaria to find Thurindor, to get a Void shard.

The person you are looking for is Thurindor Felltree, Level 65^^^ who appears to be a triggered spawn near -387,78,-49 in New Tunaria. Killing him gives you an update.

Once you have killed him, return to Roolean in Greater Faydark again to complete the quest and open the next one, An Evening Jaunt.

Acquiring the Second Fragment Goddess, Orb, and Void
Quest Series
An Evening Jaunt
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