Court of Truth: Ishara's Search  

Grants AA
Related Zones:
Min Coin: 9g, 13s, 1c
Max Coin: 9g, 55s, 33c
Choice Of:
Medium Concealing Veil
Light Concealing Veil
Thin Concealing Veil
Heavy Concealing Veil
Faction Changes:

This quest is given by Ishara, Caliph of Truth.

Ishara wants to know about The Saracen, who has been a great winning streak at the Games & wants this person to join the Court.

Step 1

He sends you to talk to NPC Asadel Yasurbah at his home. He is in an apartment near ( +124, +143, +102 ) , which is near the Court of the Coin. The apartment is guarded by half a dozen or so Coin Bodyguards but they are relatively easy to get rid of.

Step 2

Asadel thinks the Saracen is at one of the following nomad camps and tells you to go talk to them.

  • I need to ask about the Saracen at the Hizzite Camp in the Sinking Sands: Speak to Barusha the Tradesman at ( -1157, -151, -310 ) just a little northeast of Sandslide Passage.
  • I need to ask about the Saracen at the Raj'Dur Camp in the Sinking Sands: Speak to Trader Hazin at ( -226, -101, -491 ) .
    You will get jumped by three Raj'Dur Raiders (level 51 v v) when you speak to him. Kill them and speak to him again to get the update.
  • I need to ask about the Saracen at the Ortallian Encampment in The Pillars of Flame: Speak to Peddler Otis ( -29, -90, -814 ) .
  • I need to ask about the Saracen at the Char'Gin Camp in The Pillars of Flame: Speak to Merchant Breeze ( 1279, -165, -1690 ) .

Step 3

Head back to Asadel's apartment and speak with him. He then asks you to seek out information on the Saracen fan.

Step 4

The Saracen Fan will spawn near at the top of the stairs leading down to the Champion's Court from the Court of Blades with the other Cheering Fans when the gladiators begin walking to the arena ( 19, 150, 106 ) . You may have to wait there quite some time (up to 40 minutes) for the gladiators to emerge. Speak to the Saracen fan.

Step 5

Speak with Preceptor Jazeel at the Court of Champions in Maj'Dul ( 35, 137, 212 ) . He will inform you that if you defeat his kadaren he will give you further information.

Step 6

The kadaren is named Rockbop the Mangler and spawns in the Champion's Court, for which the entrance is right next to Preceptor Jazeel. This is an instance that only you can enter. He is a 51-52 ^ mob, so be prepared for a tough fight. Kill him.

Step 7

Speak with the Preceptor. From there you will need to climb onto the rooftops near the Court of Tears ( -170, 150, 115 ) . There is an apartment up here that you can enter. Enter this apartment and take the scarf from the basket at 2, 0.1, 3.73 .

Step 8

Bring this scarf to Ishara to complete the quest.

Court of Truth: In the Name of Love Maj'Dul
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