Mushroom Madness  

Related Zones:
Min Coin: 17s, 43c
Max Coin: 19s, 59c
Choice Of:
Manacle of the Militia's Resolve
Manacle of the Academy's Acumen
Manacle of the Rage's Conviction
Manacle of the Buccaneer's Deftness

This is the ninth and final quest from Mooshga at the West Freeport Gates ( -474.36, -45.97, -346.61 ) in The Commonlands. It is given by speaking to him after completing the Pachyderm Punch quest.

You must collect 12 Dark Forest Cap Mushrooms in Netkulos. These are random ground spawn purple mushrooms near the Commonlands bridge area. Pick up all twelve and return to Mooshga for coin and experience.

Pachyderm Punch Commonlands
Quest Series
West Freeport Gate
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