Lion Mane Helm  

Started Byan unfinished helm
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Required Mobs:

This quest is initiated by examining an unfinished helm. These helms drop in the Commonlands. They have been confirmed to drop on Sandstone Giants and A Tortured Maid.

The first step of the quest is to kill beetles in the Commonlands until you have 10 wings. The wings are a very rare drop (10% chance or so). Luckily any type of beetle will do. After obtaining them all you should examine the helmet again.

The next step is to harvest 20 Desert Roots from the Commonlands. This requires harvesting skill. If you do not have harvesting skill you must go to lower level zones and harvest there before you can harvest in the Commonlands. After you have all 20 roots, examine the helmet again.

The last step is to kill Savanna Lions in Commonlands until you receive the final component. After obtaining it examine the helmet again for your reward.

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