Observe and Purloin  

  1. Head to the temporal guide at -284.85, 193.28, -330.02 and hail them to go to The Eye of El'Arad.
  2. When you get there, head into the building. You can invis into the building, but be careful.
    • If you are flying, be aware flying is disabled inside the building.
    • If you do not have invis, you will have to clear 4 groups of Erudians and Astronomer Omidar (Heroic 90^^).
  3. The stone you want is at -1079.24, 745.55, -479.28 . Harvest it, then head back to the temporal guide.
    • If you are Fae or Arasai you will need to stand on the table to "see" the rock.
  4. Go to The Deepwater Pavilion.
  5. Head inside and speak to Tawfiq En'Tal at -79.54, 183.08, -515.94 .

Close Colleague The Stonebrunt Highlands
Quest Series
The Deepwater Pavillion
Voidgazer Wazir
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