Pie Pilfering  

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Idol of Good Fortune
Min Coin: 13g, 59s, 50c
Max Coin: 15g, 4s, 95c
Garby's Altar of Bristlebane
A Sack of Gold Coins
Faction Changes:

This is the fourth quest in the Bristlebane quest line.

Garby Gingham Gigglegibber gives you a bag of gold and tells you to get Roselia Goldencrust to leave her pie stand.

After talking to her you realize that you cant get her to leave her pie stand so you have to go back and tell Garby the news to get the next update.

Garby will then send you to the Loping Plains to find his lost idol which he believes he lost near the shores of Timorous Moor either by
the ship wreck or one of the goblin ponds ( 131.24, -5.11, 493.55 ).
Gather the idol and then you have to head back to The Enchanted Lands and give Roselia the pie lady the idol.

Upon giving her the idol she goes and prays at the altar and you have to grab four pies then speak to her again and then return to Garby once more.

Returning to Garby to complete the quest and receive some coin and a new altar - Garby's Altar of Bristlebane.

This opens up the final quest in the series Bristlebane's Beloved.

Coin Job Bristlebane
Quest Series
Bristlebane's Beloved
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