Paying Off a Tab: Redecoration  

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round redwood gaming table
ornate ferrite chair
redwood stool
redwood table
leather stitched cushion
The Maiden of Masks - Page 9

This quest is a sub-quest of for the Fabled version of the Illusionist-only Epic Weapon, Mirage Star.

To obtain The Maiden of Masks - Page 9 speak with Lanice at -1897.82, -36.02, -612.31 in Windstalker Village in Antonica. She asks you to bring her a number of T8 carpenter crafted items. You cannot have the items in inventory when you first receive the quest, or you will lose the items and not get the updates.

You can get the items any way you like: crafting them, purchasing them on the broker, or having them commissioned by a carpenter.

  • 4 redwood stools
  • 6 ferrite ornate chairs
  • 10 leather stitched cushions
  • 3 redwood gaming round tables
  • 5 redwood tables

Return to Lanice, hand in the furniture, and receive page 9 in return.

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