The Mysteries of Ykeshan  

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Scroll of Ykeshan Writing
Book of Ykeshan Writing

Linguobot has informed me that if it can be brought samples of Ykeshan, it will be able to develop a cipher for translating future pages. I should gather some samples of Ykeshan writing and return them to Linguobot.

Loot a total of 12 Book of Ykeshan Writing or Scroll of Ykeshan Writing. Random drops from any Ykeshans, close to Guk, in the Moors of Ykesha ( 606.93, 49.21, -335.8 ) .

NOTE: This Language Quest does not actually teach you to speak Ykeshan. What it does do is give Linguobot enough familiarity with the language that he will be able to translate something for you, later, should you need it. (HINT: You ARE gonna need it!)

Moors of Ykesha
Quest Series

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