Become Thine Enemy  

Grants AA
CategoryNektulos Forest
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 1g, 26s, 57c
Max Coin: 1g, 40s, 97c
a vampiric incisor
silver charm

This is the 10th Hand of Marr (good) quest in Nektulos Forest for the Bloodline Chronicles expansion. It is given by Aleeshi Monala at the Timber Falls camp if you have completed the previous nine (see related quests).

You will have to enter The Tombs of Night. In here you have to kill members of the Bloodsworn Sect till you have obtained 5 amulets. These vampires are found where you meet Dryxl T'Rath the first time. When you have obtained all amulets, go to the Crypt of T'haen. In here, you are asked to get a piece from a black altar (looks like a lamp post). This is up the tunnel and accross the second bridge, then to the left. Move upwards, the same way you got to the boss mob and the magnificent coffin in the prior quests. Look for a pillar that is clickable ( -109, +27, -7 ). When you have found it, have all members of your group tgather up and get ready to fight. One person right clicks the altar, and tries to break off a piece. You are told that it isn't possible, but - you've got yourself a new friend! A demon spawns, and attacks you. He's level 38 group mob, with two servants. Kill him, and you will automatically get the update from the altar.

After that you need to return to Aleeshi Monala in Nektulos Forest. You will receive a Silver Charm that allows you to take form as a vampire. A really great look that makes people stop up ;-) You have now opened up the next quest, Enemy's Weakness, that you can obtain from Aleeshi Monala.

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