Windows of Opportunity  

  1. You need to find and kill an Erudin voidcaller. You've been advised to check the 4 camps as he can be at any. They are at:
    1. -302.96, 463.79, 246.36
    2. -485.90, 512.43, 117.66
    3. -448.48, 514.20, -49.93
    4. -473.86, 448.20, 416.25
  2. Upon killing him, he will drop a chest with Void Orders in it. Pick these up and examine them to receive the Orders from the Void quest.
  3. Return to Chief Strategist Jasim to complete this quest and Orders from the Void.

Save What You Can The Stonebrunt Highlands
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To Outwit Your Shadow
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