A History Lesson  

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CategoryWorld Event
Level35 (Scales)
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The History of Frogloks

This is one of eight quests in the Lost Village of Kugup that you will need to complete in order to unlock the Froglok race. To reach the Lost Village of Kugup you must do a series of quests in your home city (see related quests).

Euurp gives you a tome and asks you to read it. She then gives you a test of questions from the book. The questions/answers are:

  1. Q) Frogloks believe everyone must abide by the...
    • A) Laws of the land
  2. Q) Who did our emissaries first contact for assistance?
    • A) The Overlord of Freeport
  3. Q) What scattered those who survived the Rallosian onslaught?
    • A) The Rending
  4. Q) What god watched over the froglok people for generations?
    • A) Mithanel Marr
  5. Q) What did we carry into the depths of Gukta to protect our kind?
    • A) Froglok Eggs
  6. Q) What would have been far kinder then our current fate?
    • A) Oblivion
  7. Q) What would we frogloks rather do than die?
    • A) Utilize deception
  8. Q) Where did we hide when the end was near?
    • A) Deep beneath the marshes.
  9. Q) What race did we defeat in Grobb?
    • A) Trolls
  10. Q) Whose punishment was swift and severe?
    • A) The gods'
  11. Q) What did the Ogres fight without?
    • A) Honour
  12. Q) What army brought about our ruin?
    • A) Rallos Zek
  13. Q) What did we do to disappoint the Gods?
    • A) Failed to stand out ground
  14. Q) Who took us prisoner in The Feerott?
    • A) The Tae'Ew
  15. Q) What did we rename Grobb to after the deafeat of the Trolls?
    • A) Gukta

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