Intentions of War  

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Kromzek communique
Min Coin: 48g, 35s, 24c
Max Coin: 53g, 38s, 27c

Corrin Ruadh has asked me to sneak into the Throne of Storms and look for any documents which may pertain to The Fortress of Drunder's arrival on Norrath.

  1. Collect the Kromzek communiques.
  2. Inspect the Kromzek campaign map.
  3. Return to Corrin Ruadh to complete the quest.

I found several documents which detail Drunder's arrival, and the preparations of the Kromzek as they get ready to carry out the orders of Rallos Zek.

Kael Drakkel
Quest Series
Kael Drakkel (Contested)

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