Building an Altar of Valor  

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an old military shovel
Humble Altar of Mithaniel Marr
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This is the first quest in the Mithaniel Marr Deity line. It starts with Sir Bayden Cauldthorn, who is at 168,111,94 in the tree city of Kelethin.
Sir Bayden asks if you wish your deity to be Mithaniel Marr, and you must select yes to progress. You are given a shovel to equip in your charm slot to help dig.

Bayden first sends you to The Commonlands to dig up some stones buried underneath the Statue of the Forgotten there. 177.67, -46.82, 253.08 Use your shovel to dig.

Next, gather stones buried underneath the Statue of the Mourned in The Commonlands -590,-49,-632 Use the shovel once more to get your update.

Next, you must head to The Graveyard and dig at the base of The Destroyed Tower of Marr. Use your shovel at 54,-2.5,113 for an update.

Next, return to Greater Faydark and find some soil representing the valor of the Kelethin Rangers. Use your shovel at 262,58,125 for an update. Return to Sir Bayden in Kelethin to complete the quest and collect your reward, Humble Altar of Mithaniel Marr.

This opens up the second quest in the line, Beacon of Courage.

Mithaniel Marr
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Beacon of Courage
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