Kleron's Ring  

This is one of several quests given by Kleron Asana in Nektulos. You must complete all his other quests before he will give you this one.

  1. The first thing you must do is dig up a special vial of poison he hid near N'Marr's Ascent. This is at -414.65, 0.71, -1273.77 . Click the group of mushrooms behind Daria's tent
  2. After this you must gather 6 vials of stomach acid from the a Nerius crabs on the beach.
  3. The next order of business is to kill 3 a Nerius dockhands near the docks.
  4. You must then mix the poison and acid while visiting the path between the beach and Nektulos Forest, this is the small pass that you must go through to reach the docks from the rest of the zone. 649, 0, -307 . Just run along the path for the auto update
  5. The next step involves harvesting a black sapphire in the Nektulos Forest from Eventide Stone nodes. You'll need a mining skill of at least 90.
  6. The next step is to kill 10 "Nerius fools" in Nektulos. Any type of the pirates will do (dockhands, seers, marauders, etc) except the a Nerius Pirate Captain or the a Nerius Pirate

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