Kelethin: Much Ado About Mushrooms  

Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Faction Changes:

Ambassador Gibrien Marsden at 594,45,78 in Greater Faydark would like you to prove your allegiance to Kelethin. Help stimulate some of the giant flame-colored mushrooms into emitting their spores.

  1. Tunare's mushroom: -81.06, 1.46, -77.70
  2. East of River Road: -226.45, -0.70, 34.68
  3. Upper Emerald River: -541, 30, 181

Just click (or right-click) on them to release the spores, which update the quest. Then head back to Gibrien to turn in the quest. It is repeatable.

Kelethin Betrayal and Citizenship
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Helping Kelethin

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