Kael or be Kael'ed  

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Visage of Kael
Title: "Explorer of Kael Drakkel"

This quest was given out by volunteer guides for a short time after the release of Destiny of Velious. It has since been given out by volunteer guides in Eastern Wastes.

Krag Stormshield has asked that I assist him in surveying the mighty city of Kael Drakkel. He warned that it will be perilous and that I could very well die. I have opted to venture into the great city of the Kromzek and discover what Krag needs to know! The adventurer in me simply could not resist!

  1. Search out the area where the Kromzek nobles live. This is the Nobles District.
  2. Search out where the Kromzek soldiers dwell. This is the Iceshard Keep.
  3. Search out where the Kromzek commoners dwell. This is Old Kael.
  4. Search out the great Kromzek Arena. This is the Grand Rallosian Arena.
  5. Search out the main Kromzek city. This is New Kael.
  6. Search out where the king of the Kromzek empire dwells. This is the Throne of King Tormax the Ancient.
    • The quest will auto-complete once all locations have been visited.

Kael Drakkel has been surveyed. For what purpose I am unaware, but the adventure was exactly what I needed! I personally will benefit greatly from the information I learned about the Kromzek.


Kael Drakkel
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Kael Drakkel (Contested)

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