Missing Scouts  

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CategoryNektulos Forest
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Min Coin: 69s, 67c
Max Coin: 77s, 97c
Choice Of:
Salve of Marr
Potion of Marr

This is the Tombs of Night entrance quest for good players. It is given by Trelech Stonehome outside of Timber Falls ( 507, 26, -1460 ).

You must collect four scout reports in the Tombs of Night: A Search for Answers instance. This is located just behind Timber Falls at 474.76, 24.81, -1588.96 . The reports are found on Wounded Scouts in the zone. These are spawned by killing the various mini-bosses in the zone with the exception of the fourth. All but one of these are spawned via mini-ring events that are described below. It should be noted that evil characters have basically the same quest, but from a different quest. When the mini-bosses die the good and evil components will spawn so you can do them together.

  1. a rock sample and a wounded scout
    a rock sample and a wounded scout
    Clear the Grinnin Sporechanters upstairs on the upper floor of the zone and a new wave of Sporechanters will pop. Clear them and The Mold Reaper will spawn. Kill him to spawn the piece. (near 35, 0, 7 )
  2. Clear the ruffians on the second floor. This will spawn three summoners who will begin casting a spell. Kill them and Chief Strongarm will spawn. When you get near him he will spawn some mobs to attack you. Dispense of them and then kill the Chief to spawn this piece. (near 36, -26, 60 )
  3. In the lower water area, near where you fall if you drop down the waterfall, clear all the netslingers in the water here. This will spawn a new wave of mobs. Kill them to spawn Lureclaw the Angler and Gulp. Kill them to spawn this piece. (near 56, -41, 121 )
  4. -77.74, -37.04, 103.04

After speaking with all four return to Trelech for your reward, and to open up the Luring Out the Evil quest.

Bloodline Chronicles
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Luring Out the Evil
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Yocal of Antonia Bayle sent in a nice step by step guide for this quest, which is displayed below:

This quest requires that you have finished the access quest to The Tombs of Night. Talk to Trelech Stonehome outside Timberfalls in Nektolus Forest to initiate the quest. Evil chars will need to go to the other side of the lake and start another quest which is almost the same. When you've got the quest, head to Timber Falls and take the door behind the waterfall.

When you zone in, just head down the first tunnel. Fight your way down to the first pit - where you kill all goblins. You need to break one wall to get there. When done, three groups of grinning summoners will spawn. Kill those, and the Chief will spawn and summon four huge worm-like creatures. Kill these, and the chief (Level 36) will be attackable. After you have killed the chief, a scout will come and die at your feet. That was number 4.

Find your way around, and go even deeper down. Here you will find a named vampire. If you group isn't strong enough, just invis and you can all go visit the corpse that lays at his feet. That was yet another scout.

Now, head back up to the zoneline, and turn left before youu run into the water. Ignore the first room at your left, but kill all groups from there and to the next left turn. Killing all the gobs will make more spawn, and at last a named will visit you :-) Kill him, and yet a scout will come running to you, and die. Examine him, and you've got your third scout.

Last scout is eaten by a fish. Doh!... So where u found the last scout, head to the water and follow it till you end up by a waterfall. Jump down, and kill everything down there and a huge fish named Gurp and some named goblin fisherman will spawn. Kill the fish, and it will spit out the last scout :-) Examine, and you are done!

Now you will have to talk to Trelech Stonehome again to receive your reward, and be able to initiate second part of this quest series; Luring Out the Evil.

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