Rage Against the War Machine  

February 22, 2011

I've been given instructions by Greer Macrae to meet up with one of the Ragebourne agents located just outside Iceshard Keep. The details of this mission have not yet been revealed, however, I was explicitly instructed to find agent before I entered the inside of the keep.

  1. Enter Iceshard Keep and find the Ragebourne agent, Mairi Hendry, before entering the main gate of the keep.
  2. Spy on the Vindicator's conversation with the Prefectus without getting caught!
  3. Return to Mairi Hendry
  4. Take the anti-Kromzek propoganda given to me by Mairi Hendry and plant it in several places around Iceshard Keep.
    • Plant propoganda in the Storeroom
    • Plant propoganda in the Armory
    • Plant propoganda in the Brew House
    • Plant propoganda in the Barracks
  5. Return to Greer Macrae

After learning about the dissident feelings being expounded by the Vindicator, I successfully planted several pieces of Anti-Kromzek propaganda around Iceshard Keep.

Kael Drakkel
Quest Series
Iceshard Keep

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