Haunted Helm  

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Haunted Helm

This quest is initiated by examining "A Cold Helm". This item is dropped on monsters in Stormhold. You can not initiate the quest until level 26 currently.

You must head to the Vault of the Maelstrom and hail The Maelstrom on the altar. This is a sword located in a room near the chapel where the Relic Bowl is. This will initiate a ring event. You will be attacked by four waves of mobs, all are level 30 heroic elemental mobs:

Ice Storm Fire Storm Water Storm Sand Storm

After the four waves of mobs Magnimaclus will spawn, a level 30 named elemental.

The quest appears to be bugged at this point. After killing Magnimaclus you receive no update or reward.

Note: This bug may be fixed. My quest updated simply by walking into the Vault of the Maelstrom, and I received the reward immediately without fighting any mobs.

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