Eliminate Geraufl  

CategoryWorld Event
Started Byan incriminating letter
Froglok Pondstone

This quest opens when you read an incriminating letter that you received at the end of the Quelling the Rebellion quest.

The first thing you need to do is head to the jail cells at the Militia House in West Freeport. You will get an update stating that the froglok was moved deeper into the dungeons. Click on the door at 132, -26, 141 to enter A Musty Dungeon. This is an instanced zone available only to those on this step of the quest (mercenaries will also zone in with you).

Kill the guards, then the jailors. After this ignite the clickable barrel to blow the jail door. The froglok will flee. You can shut the jail cell to trap him and kill him, but it is not necessary. If you are doing this as a group, everyone should that needs the update should ensure that they hit the froglok. After this the quest will auto-complete and you receive a Froglok Pondstone as a reward.

Head to the Dog Pond in Commonlands and use the Froglok Pondstone. This will teleport you to The Hidden Village of Kugup. Once inside of Kugup you must complete all eight of the quests, stemmed from Uncovering the Froglok Secret, from the villagers here to gain the trust of Chief Kraol.

This quest is part of the Froglok World Event Quest Series, originally introduced to allow players to unlock the Froglok as a playable race.

Quelling the Rebellion Froglok
Quest Series
Uncovering the Froglok Secret
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