Black Box Mechanimation  

Grants AA
CategorySteamfont Mountains
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 2g, 97s, 30c
Max Coin: 3g, 7s, 56c
Manaforge Greaves
Manasworn Pants
Manalink Leggings
Manovate Leather Leggings
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  1. Finbert Lintzig asks you to take the black boxes to the Inoperative Clockwork in the crater near the Great Gear in Steamfont Mountains -1119, 79, 945 .
  2. Note: Opticron is sometimes up in place of the Inoperative Clockwork. If this happens, kill Haywire Opticron and the Inoperative Clockwork spawns 5-7 minutes later. You must speak to the Opticron and it will go "Haywire" and become a "Haywire Opticron".
  3. Examine Inoperative Clockwork. Open the panels and insert the Black Boxes.
  4. 3 non-attackable clockwork assemblers appear and gather around Inoperative Clockwork. Inoperative Clockwork turns into non-attackable Opticron. The assemblers explode and Opticron turns into attackable Haywire Opticron. Destroy the "Haywire Opticron" (lvl 42^^^ heroic).
  5. Return and speak to Finbert Lintzig to complete your quest.

The Little Black Box Steamfont Mountains
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