In the Name of Marr  

Grants AA
CategoryTenebrous Tangle
Repeatable10 times
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 9g, 13s, 1c
Max Coin: 9g, 55s, 33c
Faction Changes:

This quest is given by Lady Erillis at the Hidden Shelter in Tenebrous Tangle 167, -233, 169 after you have kindly or higher faction with the Lost Children of Marr. You can raise this faction by killing the dragonkind in Tenebrous Tangle. There are three different versions of this quest:

  1. 10 Scaleborn Stonesetters and the Stonesetter Overseer (both at -160,0, 10 ).
  2. 10 Gorgs and the Sentinel Bladehand (top of treehouse not far from zone in at -70, 78.5, -42 or at the other treehouse at 36, 30, 92 .
  3. 10 Scaleborn Sentries and the Devout Reaver.
  4. 10 Gorgs and a Devout Reaver.
  5. 10 Scaleborn Sentries and a Sentinel Bladehand
  6. 10 Scaleborn Sentries and a Stonesetter Overseer

Kill them and return to Lady Erillis for your reward.

Tenebrous Tangle
Quest Series
Hidden Refuge

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