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Glowing Gem of Hastened Swings
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Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Level: 76

If you have insufficient faction with Kunzar Jungle Villagers, the mobs standing around Khassp will be Aggro, but he will still talk to you. You may have to kill a few villagers to make space for a civilized conversation.

Speak to Khassp Xivvix

an ice shard
an ice shard
  1. Find "bizarre ice creatures" in the mistgoblin area near the City of Mist
    • South of the City of Mist, around , find ice shards on the ground. Touching them will spawn an ice battler (76). Kill 8 of them.
    • The ice shards are found in a very small area, and they respawn very quickly, and can be found in the following locations (and probably others):
      • -123,121,-605
      • -122,130,-650
      • -134,130,-660
      • -70,104,-542
  2. Return to Khassp.


Acquiring this quest unlocks Slixin Drusar, standing next to Khassup. Her first quest, Scrolling Through Knowledge, requires the same mobs as this one!

Let the Punishment Fit the Rime Kunzar Jungle
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The Tabernacle of Pain
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