Planting and Plundering  

Note: You must have 150 Gathering skill to complete the first step in this quest.

  1. In Butcherblock Mountains, harvest six traps from the chests inside The Arms House at ( -267, 215, -159,, ) .
    • There are up to three chests inside. Each chest can be harvested 3 times (requires 150 Gathering) before disappearing.
    • Each person will need two chests for this step.
    • Respawn time on the chests is about 10 minutes.
  2. Next head to Kaladim.
    • Kill the Frothbarks right inside the entrance in the Kaladim Hall. The pelts are random uncommon auto-updates.
    • Place six traps by harvesting the markers. The markers look like stakes in the ground. NOTE: This breaks invis!
    • Kill 2 Frothbark whipcrackers around ( 25, 26, -116,, ) .
  3. Return to Captain T.B. Irontoe at West Fort Irontoe.
    • For a good laugh, choose the closing dialogue bubble inquiring about dwarves being masters of explosives.

You receive a whipcracker ringlet. Keep it on you when you head back to Kaladim, it will assist you in starting the next quest.

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