Investigate the Death  

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This quest is part 1 of 7 for the Fabled version of the Fury-only Epic Weapon, Wrath of Nature.

Go to 192, -44, 169 in Darklight Wood. You'll be offered the quest when you come upon a mutilated deer carcass.

  1. Head to the Wanderlust Fair in Darklight Wood and talk to everyone, especially Torbus Finlow. He tells you to go to the shadow oak. The actual quest starter is the mutilated deer at 191.37,-43.61,167.14
  2. Go to the camp nearest Neriak. Speak to Trainer Drisace Do'Arkenarn at -373, -50, 40 and speak to her about the mutilated deer.
  3. Head to the Shadow Oak in the northwest of the zone.
  4. Go up to the top of the Oak till you see a green barrier, the speak to Atalika at 444,-24,-296 . He will give you access past the green barrier.
  5. Go past the green barrier and talk to Thelia N'Fyre there, and she gives you next quest and a chokidai mask.

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