Leave No Di'Zok Behind  

Pre-requisite: Your faction with The Gwalnax Brigade must be at least -5000. See The Gwalnax Brigade to learn how to raise your faction to this point.

Battle Master Dolak tells you of some fallen Di'Zok that were lost, and indicates that retrieving them would be of more importance than rusty old weapons.

a phylactery
a phylactery
  1. Locate the bodies of 6 Di'zok Infiltrators that died in a recent assault on Karatun Hold and retrieve their phylacteries, a glowing green bottle that the Di'Zok believe can hold their spirit when they die.
    • Infiltrator Grazkin at 814,127,-2248 , on top of the roof of the eastern building inside Karatun Hold.
      • The phylactery may be low down on the rim of the roof, not visible from the body.
    • Infiltrator Jax at 810,221,-2189 , on the southeast rim of Karatun Hold
    • Infiltrator Tarkaz at 1092,122,-2236 , inside a hollow tree
    • Infiltrator Shozak at 977,137,-2344 , on the northwest rim of Karatun Hold
    • Infiltrator Zatuk at 1110,144,-2031 , next to the hollow log bridge
    • Infiltrator Tylenok at 816,196,-2317 , on the northeast rim of Karatun Hold
  2. Return to Battle Master Dolak
Kylong Plains
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Gwalnax Brigade Tower
Clearing the Entryway
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