Hand of War - Eye of Fear  

This quest is given by Gretchen after you complete the Path of War quest.

Gretchen freaks out when you give her the two items from the Priests. Freaks out so bad, she sends you to talk to Vashazdar, who also panics. Once you talk to him, he'll send you to the Toppled Hand of Thule -1011.38, -3.36, 836.16 in the southeast section of the zone. Your quest journal reads that "something" will be waiting for you there.

When you get close, the Left Eye of Fear, a seriously cranky Amagdlyn Knight from the Plane of Fear, will spawn with two Eye of Thule Subservients. All three mobs are level 42, the Subservients are down arrow, and they won't waste time agroing you. Slay them, and return to Vash for the last (and easiest) quest in the series: Broken Fist of War.

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