Feelin' Gifty in Gorowyn!  

The Feelin' Gifty quests are non-repeatable and can only be done in one city. However, they all offer the same reward.

Speak to G'shugahplum Gigglegibber in Gorowyn at 2568, 8, 1234 after completing A Gigglegibber's Work is Never Done (by a Gigglegibber).

  1. Talk to these people around Gorowyn:
    • Dima Fahim, an Erudite in Timorous Maw at 2441, 24, 1261
    • Gnottle Flangebang, a Gnome above the stoves in The Wards at 2757, 134, 1224
    • Tyeena Baybreeze, a Half Elf near the Gorowyn Beach Outpost at 2398, 62, 983
    • Tardukli Ku'li, a Sarnak by the Scout trainers at 2593, 87, 1289
    • Bhaltair Tanicus, a Human by the Frostfell tree lot on the ground pool level at 2679, 5, 1237
    • Dughall Macleod, a Barbarian on the docks of Faydedar Watch at 2343, 14, 1357
  2. Return to G'shugahplum Gigglegibber who will give you the gifts he needs delivered. Make sure to have 6 open slots in your inventory.
  3. Deliver the correct gift to the appropriate people.
  4. Return to G'shugahplum Gigglegibber for your reward.

Note: If you give the wrong gift to the wrong person, they will still accept it. When you return to G'shugahplum Gigglegibber, he will tell you did it wrong and give you the opportunity to try again, but you will need to start again from the beginning, obtaining the names.


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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2010.

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