Phrotis' Exertion: Reckless Strength  

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Focus Item: Strength

This quest is part 1 of 4 for the Fabled version of the Conjuror-only Epic Weapon, Elemental Dominance.

Vence Laden will give you Focus Item: Strength and tell you to seek out a creature of Reckless Strength.

  1. Be sure to have the Focus Item: Strength active before killing Pawbuster. You will not get an update otherwise. The charm stays active for 30 minutes once used, but make certain it is up when the kills occur or you will not get credit.
  2. Kill Pawbuster in The Execution Throne Room.

The Domination of Phrotis Conjuror Epic Weapon
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Phrotis' Exertion: Senile Cunning
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