Darig Giantbane  

This is one of five quests given by the Watcher of the Fields in the Thundering Steppes (+1374, 0, +258). Completing all five of them will open up a sixth quest called Karath the Forgotten. All of these quests are documented under related quests. You must:

  • Kill 12 highland stalkers. (spawned in griffon fields, near giants and North Bandit Camp, by killing highland matriarchs, patriarchs, and huntress lions)
  • Travel to the site of Darig's greatest victory Deadview Pass. ( 931.97, -0.04, 574.12,, ) this Pass is near where you kill the stalkers it leads up and over to the giants)
  • Battle a giant and win. (the solo encounter ones will work, enraged Firerock pops right near the entrance to the Pass)
  • Lay the offering before the flag marker of Darig Giantbane. (go back and touch the last marker on the right if you are facing the Watcher of the Fields)

As you lay the offering down at the base of the flag, you feel a wind whip up around you blinding your sight. When you are able to see once again, you notice the offering you created has been replaced. You�ve received the blessing of Darig Giantbane.

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