The Stein of Moggok: It Can Be Rebuilt...  

This quest is given by Rumdum in the pub at the East Freeport docks -234, -55, 8 . It is the quest for the Stein of Moggok. Keep buying him drinks and he'll keep telling the tale. You must be level 35 to receive this quest.

You must collect the four pieces of the Stein of Moggok. These can be found on the Bouncers in the Feerrott. All bouncers wander and are on ten minute respawn timers.

  • Left Half - Bouncer Flerb: -27, -4, 392
  • Right Half - Bouncer Fug: -617.19, -1.15, 138.64
  • Handle - Bouncer Hurd: -16.17, 26.68, 881.46
  • Lid - Bouncer Prud: - spawns at -292.5, -5.5, 490 , runs north from the river and keeps following the path as it turns east and then south.

After turning each of these in to Rumdum he will tell you that Clurg has a Blood Ruby and ask you to obtain it for him. This is found at a lake in the southwestern corner of Feerrott near -16.2, -3.64, 696.68 . Clurg the Bartender will spawn when you swim close to the bottom of the lake. He is a level 40 ^^^ heroic mob. Kill him to obtain the ruby.

After doing this return to Rumdum who gives you the recipe to create the stein. You must have level 9 crafting. You will need 1 Glimmering Material (T4 harvest) and 1 Basic Coal (fuel merchant) to do this combine.


  • 44800 status
  • Stein of Moggok can be mounted to be placed in your home or can be used as a level 42 secondary slot symbol for Mages, Priests, Shadowknights or Paladins.

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Trivia All four of these ghost bouncers were living flesh-and-blood Ogre guards that patrolled The Feerrott back in EQ1.

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