Building a Vessel  

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CategoryNektulos Forest
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Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 1g, 59s, 57c
Max Coin: 1g, 76s, 97c

This quest is given by Laren Jadefire at Timber Falls, and will require you to go into The Tombs of Night and kill 2 named vampires.

The first one you will come across will be Ruen T'Dax and he has a buddy with him. Ruen T'Dax is level 36 ^ ^. His location is -7.66, -24.04, 63.29 in the second level of The Tombs of Night. After you finish killing Ruen T'Dax you will get the dark crystal need.

Now you need to head to the path that leads down to the lowest part of The Tombs of Night. Vieya N'Larn is located at the following location -100.30, -24.13, -17.00 . She is a lvl 36 ^ ^ with two friends. After you destroy her you will receive your vial of noble blood.

Now head down the path to The Crypt of T'Haen not the Vengeance one. The Crypt of T'Haen: Vengeance has lvl 45 Triple Up Epic Monsters in it.

Once in The Crypt of T'Haen you will need to find the dark altar. The location of the altar is -108.79, 26.76, -7.54 . It's a lightpost with purple light coming from it. Surrounded by Bloodsworm backbiter's and soldiers. Right click the Lightpost and go back to Laren Jadefire and turn in.

When you return to Laren Jadefire she will then ask you to speak with K'Shar Haelbreng in the Brethren of Night encampment for your reward and to open up the Stealing Essence quest.

Kindred Spirit Bloodline Chronicles
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Stealing Essence
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