Icy Artifacts  

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Mission Info
Group Forgemasters of Thurgadin Daily
Level 80
Expires in 2 days
FSTC Token
Shadow Odyssey Faction Missions
Forgemasters of Thurgadin Daily


Mikk Eishammer needs people to go to the old Ring War battle site and search for more relics.

  1. Travel to the Ring War Battlefield, which is the Public Quest area surrounding 238, -336, -455 in Great Divide.
    • Leave Thurgadin via the waterfall door at 673, -248, 59 . Follow the river, then head north-east.
    • Or, if you have already been to the area, you can go to the Harbor and catch a griffon.
  2. Examine ice mounds on the battlefield until you find five artifacts.
  3. Return to Mikk.

Destiny of Velious Tradeskill
Quest Series
Forgemasters Daily Faction

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