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Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

  • Level: 78

Speak to Vixna Slizzis at Upper Command Camp in Jarsath Wastes

a budding succulent
a budding succulent
  1. Collect spell components
    • 6 bladders from ferocious razorfangs in Stonehoof Badlands. vicious razorfangs do not count.
    • 6 feathers from vile stoneleers near the Howling Stones. Cockatrices in Stonehoof Badlands do not count.
    • pollen from a budding succulent (in Stonehoof Badlands at -434,-65,-577 , looks just like a full-grown Succulent but only about a foot tall)
  2. Return to Vixna


Elemental Difference Jarsath Wastes
Quest Series
Upper Command Camp
Gathering Rime Stones
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