A View of the Ruins  

CategoryGreat Divide
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 14g, 90s, 39c
Max Coin: 15g, 99s, 44c
Ry'gorr Brazier
Choice Of:
Pulsing Adornment of Agility
Pulsing Adornment of Strength
Pulsing Adornment of Wisdom
Pulsing Adornment of Intelligence

Speak to Vada Doomquartz at -221,-291,405 at the Forward Base Camp within Great Divide to begin this quest.

  1. Scout out the Ry'Gorr Ruins. You will get an update around -528,-355,200 telling you that there are Kromzek giants present.
  2. Return to Stoick Vastsmasher to complete the quest.

Crystalline Crevasse Captive Great Divide
Quest Series
Forward Base Camp
Disturbance Potential
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