The Heart of a Gnome  

CategoryVillage of Shin
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 9g, 85s, 50c
Max Coin: 10g, 5s, 90c
Everburning Gnomish Love
Choice Of:
Shroud of the Aeromancer
Shroud of the Twilight Priest
Shroud of the Skystalker
Shroud of the Sky Warrior
Faction Changes:

Ensign Geredo of The Far Seas Trading Company asks you to tour The Village of Shin and help him find a mate from amongst the local woman. He has picked three woman in the villages to fall in love with and wants you to present each one of them with a different gift. Ensign gives hints to what each lady may be interested in.

  • Bolt of Silk - Purchased from Merchant Kaleb Farbring for 70  (he is located between the inn and the bank). ( -70, -2, 120 )
  • Flowers - Growing around the Sighing Willowpond.
  • Pearl - From a pearl oyster, found under the docks close to the Fisherman's Dock.

Get your updates from each of the three woman and then return to a broken-hearted Ensign Geredo for your reward.

Living Geomancy Fallen Dynasty
Quest Series
Far Seas Outpost
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