The Orc Runner Trinkets  

Grants AA
CategoryDeathfist Citadel
Related Zones:
Min Coin: 2g, 69s, 57c
Max Coin: 3g, 1s, 99c
Taskmaster's Earring

The Quest Journal entry for this quest changed with GU33 and the DFC revamp. More information is needed.

You receive this quest after examining a bookcase ( 11, 16, 39 ) in the second room up the elevator from the Assistant's Lab. You must find and examine four items:

  • the censor of the Oracles
  • The Stein of D'Vinn
  • The Taskmaster Phalange Chimes
  • the Urn of Lord Darish (Found in the main courtyard. reported at 21.00, 0.00, 22.00 and 5, 0, 36 )

These items can spawn in almost any room in the Deathfist Citadel and will usually not appear in the same room more than twice in a row. Therefore the best way to complete this is to first kill Emperor Fyst (two spawn points are the arena and behind the Emps throne in the arena) and then just run around the entire citadel picking the items up as they spawn. This can take awhile with a full raid, but fortunately the respawn time is fairly quick.

Rokard gave a nice description for finding the items:

''The items can spawn in one of 3 places. One is always up of each item in one of the three places.

The stein is in the mess hall, or by one of the two thrones (up on roof, or in back of upper arena walkway). Very tiny graphic.

The chimes are in the mess hall, in one of the hallways, or behind the arena throne in the circling hallway. Very tiny graphic.

The censer is easy to find, large bowl with smoke pouring out. It can be found by the doorway in the harem, in the priest room near the mess hall, or in the tower room with the scout and the cauldron right where you drop down.

The last item can be found on a tower top, in the room with all the cats, or another spot I don't recall. It has a big graphic and was one of the easiest to find. Once emperor is cleared you have free reign to roam and collect these, only occasional roamers spawn near one of the vase spots and the upper throne area. Once you know all the spots its very easy to collect them all for a full raid.''

After obtaining all four you can turn them in to Tusk in Zek -208, -27, -82 for your reward.

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