A Gift From the Serpent's Mouth  

CategorySerpent Sewer
Started ByStench's Fang
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Required Mobs:
Stenchfang Rapier

This quest is initiated by examining Stench's Fang that is dropped by Stench in The Serpent Sewer. Stench is a rare spawn snake.

After inspecting it you must bring it to Marcus Puer in The Serpent Sewer ( -36, -0.12, -6 ) . He will ask you to collect a few components for him:

  1. Cog Shaft from a Crazed Channel Mender
  2. Sticky Goos from a drudge globule
  3. Snake Skins from a filthy moccasin

Bring him these components and he will reward you.

Serpent Sewer
Quest Series

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