Killing All the Birds  

Speak to Adrianna at -91, -10, -165 inside Temple of War in The City of Freeport to begin this quest.

  1. Enter the Shadowhand Crypt by clicking on the entrance at -173, -59, -176 in North Freeport.
  2. Equip the white cowl to get past the heroic enforcers.
  3. Eliminate the cult. After you kill one the rest will attack when you get near them.
    • Kill 9 cultists. This is both the eager and distressed cultists near the speaker.
    • Kill Speaker R'tanan.
    • Recover 6 scrolls. They have a green sparkle effect.
  4. The enforcers will attack on the way out so rush and click on the gate to leave.
  5. Return to Adrianna to complete the quest.

You must have also completed Micha's quests to be able to continue this series. Either Micha or Adrianna will give the next quest.


  • Level 50 White Wrist Adornment (varies by level and archetype)
  • A white cowl - This reward was added with the 1/10/2012 patch. From the patch notes: "An appearance-only Cultist's White Cowl is now a reward for completing 'Killing All the Birds'. If you've already completed the quest, you can purchase the cowl from Viducius Festus in the Harbor Exchange."

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