Auxiliary Service  

Grants AA
CategoryLiving Tombs
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 12g, 57s, 51c
Max Coin: 12g, 79s, 82c

This quest is given by the The Steward of Fyr'Un after you complete the I Seek Knowledge quest. He is located in the aqueducts area of The Living Tombs.

You must first clear the east and west Natatoriums in The Living Tombs ( -680, -20, 217 and -588, -20, 217 ). These are the small pools of water on both sides of the Trade Court (first area). When you go near them An Undead Shepherd and An Undead Pilgrim will spawn. Kill them in each instance.

After this you must kill A Channel Prowler. They roam in the Aqueducts near the The Steward of Fyr'Un.

After doing this speak to the The Steward of Fyr'Un to complete the quest and open up the A Frightful Feast quest.

I Seek Knowledge Peacock Club
Quest Series
A Frightful Feast
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