Into the Chamber of Phrotis  

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This quest is part 11 of 13 for the Fabled version of the Conjuror-only Epic Weapon, Elemental Dominance.

An Apprentice tells you that you can enter the chamber by clicking on the table.

  1. Mouseover the table and click to enter The Elemental Chamber.
  2. Inspect the giant ice brazier behind the Will of Phrotis.
  3. No crystals are found, so return to An Apprentice by clicking on the platform in front of Will of Phrotis.
  4. Speak to An Apprentice to start the next quest, Reclaiming the Crystal Foci.

A Wisp of Pure Air
A Flow of Pure Water
A Lick of Pure Fire
Conjuror Epic Weapon
Quest Series
Reclaiming the Crystal Foci
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